College Essay Q&A

Questions About Wow Online – College Essay

How do I upload my work?
Click on the link in the step. The full instructions are there.

I want to look at something I already uploaded. How do I find the file again?
Return to that step. You will see a link to your file.

I’ve uploaded my worksheet or a draft of my essay, but I want to change something. How do I do that?
Return to that step. You will see a link to your file. You can replace it with another file if you’d like.

I want a Wow writing coach to read my essay. How should I send it?
Follow this link to upload your essay and pay for a review.

Questions About College Essays

What are colleges looking for in an application essay?
College admissions officers want to learn something about you that they might not find out from the rest of your application. The question is not, “What should I write?” or “What do they want to hear?” Instead, ask yourself, “What do I want them to know about me?” and start there.

How can I make my story stand out?
Write about you! You are interesting.

Will my essay definitely be read?
Yes. Admissions officers tell us that they definitely do read essays. Your essay matters.

How long does it take to write an essay?
Using Wow Online – College Essay, you should be able to finish your essay in 2 weeks or less. This takes you from brainstorming ideas through the review of several drafts. The online tutorial includes a schedule to help keep you on track.

How long should my essay be?
The application will include a word or character count.

Nothing interesting has happened to me. How will I find a topic?
Your essay offers an opportunity to share something meaningful about yourself. You do not have to write about an extraordinary experience. Decide what you want readers to know about you, then find a story that illustrates that quality or characteristic.

There are so many topics I could write about; how do I choose one?
There is no perfect topic. Choose one that shows something meaningful about you. Some of the best essays we have read were written about mundane topics.

How important is the college essay compared to other things such as the ACT or SAT and letters of recommendation?
Colleges look at your application comprehensively.  Everything matters, but nothing is more important than your high school grades.

Can I express more than one quality in my essay?
If your story illustrates more than one quality, that is fine. Just try to stay focused.

Do readers prefer one Common Application question over another?
No. The Common Application offers multiple questions because different applicants have different types of stories to share.  Readers want to learn something meaningful about you. Choose the prompt that allows you to tell an authentic story.

How do I explain this process to my parents or others?
Share this article, “How to Help Without Taking Over.” It explains how Wow Writing Workshop approaches the college essay process.

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