A Mom's-Eye View of Her Son's Essay

The “Lives” column in today’s New York Times Magazine is a must-read, a mom’s-eye view of her son’s college essay about his autistic brother.

I was so moved by this article – by the subject, by the boy’s ability to tell his story, by what he taught his mother about the relationship between her sons. This is why we do what we do. Our workshops offer kids a safe space to tell their stories, to do it themselves, to write those stories in their own words, in their own voice.

As the mom/author says, “(Max) described everything – leaving nothing out, as far as I could tell – but in such a different way than I would have: without angst, without hand-wringing, without breast-beating or wailing.”

To our students, we say: Relax and write your stories. You can do it.

To their parents, we say:  Step back and let them tell their stories. You’ll be proud of what they can create.