A Scholarship for White Males

Are you a white male looking for some extra cash for college?

Scholarship deadlines are just weeks away, and programs for extra college cash are available for just about everyone. Your job is to get creative to find them. Most of you know about the big ones like the Coca-Cola Scholars Program that doles out several $20,000 scholarships; there are also many smaller ones from churches, synagogues, school clubs and community groups that can add up quickly.

So how many of you have ever heard of a scholarship exclusively for white males? You got us here. We were a bit surprised, but it is real. And if you qualify, you might get a little extra money.

The scholarship comes from Colby Bohannan, a Texas State University broadcasting major, who is raising money to help white males with a 3.0 grade-point average.  Why? The 28-year-old found it challenging for a white male to find college scholarships after returning home from a tour of duty in Iraq.

His non-profit, the Former Majority Association for Equality, is offering five, $500 scholarships to students who fit the criteria. To qualify for the scholarship, an applicant must be male,  prove financial need, be an active member of the community, demonstrate leadership potential, have good grades, and be no less than 25 percent Caucasian American.

Boys, this could be extra cash in your pocket. Why not apply? The application includes two essay questions. Contact Wow Writing Workshop to learn how to write a compelling story about you that will stand out in the crowd.

To apply, click whitemalescholarship.

Here is a link for information on minority scholarships, and how white males can receive them.


Colby Bohannan