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Write a book, streamline your newsletter, become a better speaker or overhaul your website. It’s not as hard (or as costly) as you might think.



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Websites, blogs, newsletters, speeches, presentations, training, proposals, social media, resumes, CVs, bios and more.

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Social Media in 2 Hours a Week

Learn how to run a successful social media program for your organization without wasting valuable time and resources. We’ll discuss why every organization should have an online presence, how to promote your brand using free social media tools, and how you can manage your entire program in just 2 hours a week. We’ll also talk about what social media can and cannot do, and how to set reasonable expectations for your organization. Includes a 60-minute private consult with Wow President Kim Lifton, plus sample schedules and a planning document.

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Blogging with a Purpose

Find out what it takes to write a blog with a purpose. We’ll talk about what a blog is, and what it is not, and how yours can be used effectively to increase sales, raise money or build a brand. We’ll also talk about why every blog writer should be able to answer these questions: What is your message? Why? And who is your audience? Includes a 60-minute private consult with Wow President Kim Lifton, plus step-by-step guidelines and planning documents.

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Write the Book You’ve Dreamed Of

Do you have a book idea? Something creative, inspirational or business-oriented? We’re book coaches, and we’d love to help you! Whether you’re pitching a new idea or trying to finish a project you’ve been working on forever, we’ll keep you on track.

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