Business Communication Institute Seminars

Real Solutions to Common Issues

Business Communication Seminars are brief, focused workshops to solve your most challenging problems. No gimmicks, no complex systems. Just straightforward, manageable tips and solutions. BCI Seminars offer:

  • Six weeks of focused attention
  • An opportunity to address your most challenging issues
  • Straightforward, manageable tips and solutions
  • Two private consults with Wow President Kim Lifton
  • Activities to help you apply what you’ve learned

How does it work?

  • Six-week Timeframe: Each seminar lasts for six weeks, but the schedule during that time is entirely flexible. You’ll have access to all seminar materials during that time.
  • Intro Webinar: We’ll kick off with a 30-minute webinar, where I’ll provide an overview of the topic and answer your questions. Feel free to join live or listen to the recording.
  • Group Discussion: Your seminar group will have a private discussion forum, where I’ll post questions each week. You can submit your own questions as well, and respond to others in the group. 
  • One-on-one Coaching: You’ll complete a targeted evaluation so we can assess your needs and discuss how to make the most of the seminar resources – tailored just for you. We’ll also schedule a phone or video call to discuss next steps.
  • Post-seminar Follow-up: Once you’ve tried using the seminar resources, stay in touch. Let me know what works, what doesn’t, and what you’ve learned.

Blogging with a Purpose (May 21 – July 2)

Find out what it takes to write a blog with a purpose. We’ll talk about what a blog is, and what it is not, and how yours can be used effectively to increase sales, raise money or build a brand. We’ll also talk about why every blog writer should be able to answer these questions: What is your message? Why? And who is your audience? Includes two private coaching calls with Wow President Kim Lifton, plus step-by-step guidelines and planning documents.  Register below.

Social Media in 2 Hours a Week (July 16 – August 27)

Learn how to run a successful social media program for your organization without wasting valuable time and resources. We’ll discuss why every organization should have an online presence, how to promote your brand using free social media tools, and how you can manage your entire program in just 2 hours a week. We’ll also talk about what social media can and cannot do, and how to set reasonable expectations for your organization. Includes a 60-minute private consult with Wow President Kim Lifton, plus sample schedules and a planning document. Register below.

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