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New Harvard President Offers Advice to Prospective Families

By Kim Lifton
Wow Writing Workshop

Lawrence Bacow photo by Stephanie Mitchell

Last spring, I interviewed Harvard’s new President, Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Bacow, about his new job, and the changing landscape of higher education. We also talked about his Detroit roots for a cover story for one of my hometown weekly newspapers because he grew up in Pontiac, MI.

The piece was published just before he took over the helm of the most prestigious university in the U.S. on July 1.Dr. Bacow is widely regarded as one of the nation’s most accomplished, respected, and insightful leaders in higher education, having held senior roles at MIT, Tufts, and Harvard. 
I met Dr. Bacow seven years ago at his cousin’s son’s bar mitzvah party. He was warm, kind and exceptionally humble for someone so accomplished. Dr. Bacow has a compelling personal story; the son of immigrant parents – his father a Jewish refugee from Eastern Europe, his mother a Holocaust survivor. He has long been devoted to education’s vital role in enabling pursuit of the American dream.  It has inspired him to work to create similar opportunities for others from all walks of life.
I am impressed with Dr. Bacow’s commitment toward expanding  college access opportunities for all students. At Tufts, he presided over a doubling of the university’s annual budget for financial aid, the replacement of loans with grants for undergraduates from low-income families, and the introduction of a loan repayment assistance program helping graduates pursue careers in public service and the nonprofits.  
He also served on President Obama’s advisory committee on Historically Black Colleges and Universities. I asked him a few key questions that parents ask us at Wow. His answers were interesting, and he was funny.  When I asked him what advice he’d give to parent who thinks their child is Harvard material, he quipped, “Admissions is way above my pay grade.”
Are Colleges Out of Touch and Out of Reach? “The gap in lifetime earnings between college grad is bigger than ever. While real cost has increased, the return has never been higher.  We need to do a better job of explaining this to students and their families, and explain the degree to which financial aid is available. At Harvard, if total income is $65000 or less, family, pays nothing to attend. About 20 percent of the students at Harvard come from families that meet that test.”
Advice to Students Who Want to Get into Harvard College: “Study hard. Have the courage to find your passion and then pursue it. There are many great universities. I never applied to Harvard (undergrad). All great universities are looking to attract students who are willing to push themselves and try and be true to themselves in what they do.”
 What Would You Say to a Parent Who Asks, “Can You Get My Child into Harvard?”“I would say relax a little bit. Kids feel too much pressure from their parents. It’s not a feather in their cap. It’s about their child, not about them.“Where a kid goes to college is not a grade on their parenting skills. They should help their son or daughter achieve what they want to achieve and find a place which is good for them You can get a good education almost anywhere as long as you make the big decisions right.
How Can a Student Select the Right College? Dr. Bacow poses four basic questions for college-bound students to consider.

  • Do they want big or small?
  • Do they prefer urban or rural?
  • Do they want to go far away, to get on an airplane to get there?
  • Do they want to wear flip flops in January?

“Beyond that, you can be happy almost any place. Kids can find their niche within any school because there are great teachers everywhere.

What are Your Thoughts on Rising tuition and Decreasing Government Funding?
“When I was at Tufts, I testified at the Massachusetts statehouse for increased funding to the University of Massachusetts. Costs have gone up in Michigan because the state has withdrawn support for universities, shifting the costs to students and families. That’s shortsighted. I hope to be an advocate for that. I am worried about state support and federal support.”
Click JN article to read the cover story about Bacow.
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