These College Essays Will Stand Out Inside Admissions Office!

By Kim Lifton

College EssayWhen I swim, I look at the black line at the bottom of the pool and think about my college essay student who also swims. He envisions little people racing along that line. That makes me smile.

At Wow, we’ve been thinking a lot about our students’ stories.  There’s the girl from a busy family in Washington, DC, who relaxed under the stars at summer camp with her best friends.  A boy from a Boston prep school shared a political conversation he had while hiking with a friend who had different views. A student from Norway wrote about making teriyaki hamburgers. Susan, who likes to cook, wants to recreate that recipe.

These are a few examples of our students’ college essay stories that are stuck in our heads following the first early deadlines of college application essay season. If we cannot stop thinking about these stories, they are likely to catch someone’s attention inside the admissions office too.

What makes these stories stand out? They are slices of real lives. They tell readers something meaningful about the students. The girl at camp has the tools to decompress and relax. The boy who made hamburgers knows he can take care of himself.

These essays are genuine stories written in the students’ voices. And, most importantly, they answer the critical question: What do you want colleges to know about you that they cannot  find out from the rest of your application package?

The stories we remember and talk about are specific, full of great details, and answer this year’s prompts.

Let Wow help you tell your story for in college personal statement or supplemental essays. We know you have interesting stories to tell, and we can’t wait to hear them.

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