Wow Partners Program

Does this sound like you?

  • I need to streamline and organize my essay coaching process. I know what I’m doing, but it’s mostly in my head.
  • I love brainstorming with my students, but I spend too much time editing and reviewing their drafts.
  • I am familiar with the Wow Method, and now I want to develop my skills further.
  • College Essay Institute has been great, but I need more.
  • My process works, but I’d like to supplement it with new techniques and exercises.
  • My students apply to elite schools, and I want to make sure their essays stand out.
  • I work with an editor or English teacher who helps me with student essays, but I’d like my partner to use a lighter touch.

Here’s what your colleagues say:

Faith Stewart (Washington)Your process is the best out there. 

Pamela Shelor (North Carolina)I cannot imagine how different the start of this essay season would be without your program. Knowing I can reach out and have a resource to double check that I am on the right track is huge.

Nancy Wigley (California)Several students have said the Wow structure is “refreshing,” “calming,” and my personal favorite, “fun!” 

Andrew Windham (Georgia)I just witnessed one of my students transform as a person using the Wow Method to complete her college application essay.

Prilla O’Connell (Colorado)You have no idea how helpful your feedback is!!!! You’re amazing!!!!

Get certified in the Wow Method, then use it with your students.

This advanced program is available to those who have completed the College Essay Experience training.

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As a Wow Partner you will:

  • Learn to think like a writer by mastering new techniques and writing exercises. Susan Knoppow will guide you through the Wow Method one-on-one. You’ll even write your own essay.
  • Be authorized to provide access to Wow Online – College Essay to your students (with you as their coach).
  • Help students stay on schedule.
  • Teach students how to share their best qualities.
  • Get personal Wow support all season. You can send us essays, questions, problems to solve – whatever you need to make the most of the Wow Method.
  • Bonus: Get unlimited access to all 15 CEI singles webinars ($375 value).

Learn how Partners training works, then watch the video below for an introduction to Wow Online – College Essay.

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Wow Online – College Essay

Guide students through the ten-step Wow Method so they can write essays that truly demonstrate who they are. It features brief videos, short readings and simple writing exercises. The online tools are straightforward, intuitive and easy to use.

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