Wow Partners Program

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • I need to streamline and organize my essay coaching process. I know what I’m doing, but it’s mostly in my head.
  • I love brainstorming with my students, but I spend too much time editing and reviewing their drafts.
  • I am familiar with the Wow Method, and now I want to develop my skills further.
  • College Essay Institute has been great, but I need more.
  • My process works, but I’d like to supplement it with new techniques and exercises.
  • My students apply to elite schools, and I want to make sure their essays stand out.
  • I work with an editor or English teacher who helps me with student essays, but I’d like my partner to use a lighter touch.

Get certified in the Wow Method, and then use it with your students.

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What do I do after I’m trained and certified?

We’re committed to keeping you and your students on track well beyond your initial training and certification. After you’ve been trained, choose one or more of these options.

Student Licenses
$20 each
Use the Wow Method with your students year after year
  • Each season, simply purchase as many licenses as you need for $20 per student
  • If you have more than 25 students your first year of certification, you can add them for $20 each
  • Are you from a school? Contact us for special rates
Boot Camp in a Box
Offer a proven college essay workshop
  • Everything you need to run a 3-hour session: leader’s guide, student worksheets and training materials for you
  • IECs: Jump start the process with your students, run group workshops, or offer pro bono coaching in the community
  • Schools: Keep students on track with a clear, organized process
Year 2 and Beyond
Keep polishing your coaching skills
  • Choose an issue to work on with your coach for the entire season
  • Personalized attention to help you become a better brainstormer, essay reviewer and coach
  • Includes Wow Online – College Essay for up to 25 students, plus College Essay Institute webinars and resources

Learn how Partners training works, then watch the video below for an introduction to Wow Online – College Essay.

  Download the Professional Training Overview

Wow Online – College Essay

Guide students through the ten-step Wow Method so they can write essays that truly demonstrate who they are. It features brief videos, short readings and simple writing exercises. The online tools are straightforward, intuitive and easy to use.