Common App Going Offline July 15

Don’t panic if you head over to the Common App or Universal College App websites later this month; they are going offline. 

The two sites will be down temporarily for maintenance, retooling and generally gearing up for August 1, the official beginning of the college application season.

The Common App site will close July 15 at 11:59 pm until the Aug. 1 launch.  All of the old accounts will be deleted, but you can download a copy of your application if you previously filled one out.

The Universal College Application site will be offline starting July 25, and will also be back up Aug. 1.  There will be enhancements to the application, which can be previewed at the website.

Haven’t heard of the Universal College Application? It’s an electronic application consortium, like Common App, with a few differences.  Nearly  80 schools are members of this consortium, while Common App includes 400+ member schools.

The retooled electronic applications for both sites will be available in one month.  What can you do while you wait to see the new application? The essay questions will not change on next year’s Common App. So why not sharpen your No. 2 pencil today, and call Wow Writing Workshop to get a jump on your admissions essay.