DePaul University Makes Test Scores Optional, Essays Mandatory

Should students be required to take the ACT or SAT to be admitted to college? DePaul University no longer thinks so.Recently, DePaul announced that test scores will be optional, not mandatory; we believe this will be welcome news for many students.

If you apply to DePaul for the fall class of 2012, you may choose to skip the test scores and instead write a series of short responses to essay questions designed to measure “noncognitive” traits, such as leadership, commitment to service and ability to meet long-term goals.

The change is expected to encourage applicants to apply who have high grade-point averages but relatively low ACT and SAT scores, said Jon Boeckenstedt, associate vice president for enrollment management. He told the Chronicle of Higher Education that he  and his colleagues believe the new admissions option will allow them to better select applicants who are most likely to succeed—and graduate.

Interested in DePaul? Without test scores, how can you prove to the admissions team you will do well? Get good grades in high school, and tell them stories about you when answering their essay questions. Writing skills matter; check out our services at Wow Writing Workshop to find out how we can help you catch the eye of an admissions officer through a personal essay.

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