Detroit News: Michigan Kids Not Ready for College

Is your school district preparing students for college?

A recent article in the Detroit News finds that an alarming number of high school graduates are not proficient in basic skills like reading, science and math. The article does not address writing directly, but it shines light on a worrisome trend.

Similar stories have been written about reading and writing readiness for years. At Wow, we believe teachers do their best to prepare our children for college and careers. At the same time, we urge you to be proactive and learn about writing programs offered in your school district;  make sure students are getting the basic skills they will need for college and beyond.

Wow Writing Workshop offers a variety of writing classes to supplement high school writing instruction, including ACT/SAT writing prep and college/grad school essay workshops. We, like you, want to make sure students are prepared to excel in college and beyond. Contact us for more information.

To read the Detroit News story, click here.