Don’t Forget Your Counterargument on ACT Writing Test

Where does the counterargument go in your essay on the ACT writing test?

The next ACT is just around the corner on Saturday, Dec. 8.  When you practice (and you should), remember to use a counterargument. It’s important, and your score might decrease if you leave it out.

While there are many ways to write these essays, the simplest approach is to follow the format you’ve used throughout high school. Write an introduction and thesis in the first paragraph,  followed by a paragraph for each point you will argue.  The counterargument comes last, just before the conclusion.

The structure, “While many believe X, some say Y,” is a a great way to introduce the counterargument paragraph. However, one sentence is not enough. A strong counterargument outlines WHY the alternative is not a sound choice.

The five-paragraph format works well for this writing task, but feel free to write four or six paragraphs, as long as you answer the prompt, use your time wisely and support your points with specific examples.

So you don’t forget, write the word counterargument at the top of your prompt page to help you remember to include it.

You are ready for this. You write this way in school. Now practice. Stay current on the news, practice debating timely political or social issues with friends or relatives, and write. Practice timed writing using a prompt from the ACT website.

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