Everything You Need to Know About Student Loans (and DEBT!)

By Andrew Rombach
Guest Blogger for Wow

If you’re getting ready to apply to college, chances are good you have a few questions about the rising cost of college student loans.

  • How much will college really cost?
  • Do I really need a loan? What about scholarships?
  • What types of loans are available?
  • Should I get a private loan or a federal loan?
  • When do I have to start paying my loans back?

The cost of college has risen significantly over the years, and loans can be a helpful tool to combat the rising costs of tuition at every type of schools across the country.  There are a variety of student loan options available.

It can be confusing trying to understand student loans, but there are ways to sort through the muddled information. There are plenty of resources and ways to get help while you are still in high school.

First, make sure you get accurate information because student loan debt is a real thing for more than 40 million students. Trying to keep track of the various loan types, repayment options, and servicers can be overwhelming.

 where to  find the help you need

Your High School Guidance Counselor. Reach out to your guidance counselors with questions. Part of their job is to help you succeed when it comes to preparing for college. You school may even have a dedicated college counselor who would be a perfect source for help.

 College Financial Aid Counselors. Contact the financial aid department at your target college(s). School counselors specialize in financial aid, so they should be well-versed on the subject. They may also know specifics pertaining to your specific college. Most financial aid departments have websites with a list of frequently asked questions and answers. These FAQs are a great place to look if you have any questions. You may be able to get answers without having to reach out to an individual.

Independent Online Resources. There are a host of websites and organizations that literally specialize in producing helpful guides and resources. Many of these websites can be found by simply searching a question online, offering access to a wide variety of educational resources and answers. However, keep in mind that these are third-party online sources. They may not be able to offer face-to-face, tailored information such as a counselor. Their strength in flexibility and brevity may also be a weakness in terms of providing specific and helpful answers.

Student loans can be confusing, but they don’t need to be. With a little research and some initiative, you can get all your questions answered—before you get overwhelmed.

About our Guest Blogger
Andrew Rombach

Andrew Rombach, a content associate from LendEDU , a consumer education website & resource,  has been paying off his own student loans since graduating from college in 2016. He’s learned plenty of helpful tips along the way! 

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