Finish At Least One College Essay Before Labor Day!

By Kim Lifton
Wow Writing Workshop

Rising seniors, if you want to improve your chances of admission to the school of your dreams, complete at least one college essay by Labor Day.

It’s too late to fuss over grades and test scores. Junior year grades are the most significant. Test scores are important, too. But without time and additional prep, your scores are unlikely to improve much if you retake any test.

Focus on the college essay, the one thing you can control.

At Wow, we talk to admissions officers all the time, and we know the essay is more important than ever. We also know what they want to read, and how to help you deliver it.

You have probably heard time and again what colleges want, and what to do in that essay. But that’s generally not going to give you enough information or instruction to get the results you desire – and deserve. You need to learn how to write it!

Student writing college essayWow developed the industry’s only proven process for teaching you how to think about and write the essay so admissions officers will pay attention to your application. Our students get noticed and get into their top-choice colleges, year after year. You should too.

So don’t procrastinate. The essay is the most important thing for you at this point in your journey to college. It is also the one thing many students put off till the last minute – and that won’t give you time to reflect and show colleges who you really are.

Meet your Labor Day deadline!

Wow can guide you. We have something for every type of student, from a do-it-yourself essay-writing program with a “virtual coach” to essay reviews and private coaching.

We can also answer your parents’ questions. Please ask Mom and Dad to join our free program Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET, to learn how they can help you meet your deadline and get through the process without taking it over. All they need to do is register and call in to join our FREE Parent Call-in Chat program to understand how to best help you with the essay.