Webinars for Professionals

Get even more from your professional training in the Wow Method with these top-notch webinars.

Brainstorming Like a Pro
This webinar complements Step 2 of Wow Online.
Before writing a college essay, a student must answer one important question: What do I want readers to know about me that they don’t already know? Consultants face the delicate task of helping students find that answer without telling them what to write. Wow President Kim Lifton, an experienced journalist, can show you how. In this session, she explores the difference between telling students what we think they should write and teaching them how to find their own great stories.


Better Essays in Less Time 
This webinar complements the introduction through Step 4 of Wow Online.
What do you need more than quality time with your students? What if you could spend more time guiding them through the application process and less on endless essay drafts? Join Wow CEO and veteran writing teacher Susan Knoppow for a new perspective that will help you save time by focusing more on pre-writing and content development.


Moving from Content to Structure
This webinar complements Steps 5-8 of Wow Online.
Once you and your student agree on a great idea, what happens next? Moving from content to structure can be a challenge. In this webinar, learn what to do with a weak first draft, how to encourage reluctant writers, and how to help your students understand that revision does not mean “fixing” something that is broken, but instead is an opportunity to see the essay from a new perspective so they can stand out from the crowd.


How Much Editing is Too Much?
This webinar complements Steps 9 and 10 of Wow Online.
The essay is nearly done. How can you proof it without changing your student’s words? What if he is a poor speller? What if the writing sounds uninspired or dull? What is a consultant’s role when it comes to polishing a student’s work? In this interactive webinar, discuss the ins and outs of editing and proofreading with a professional writing teacher. Help your students feel proud of their work, while making sure they have crossed every t and dotted every i.