Welcome to Wow, and Happy Holidays!

Welcome to the inaugural web site for Wow Writing Workshop. We all wish for good tidings in any new year. Throughout 2010 (and beyond), we plan to share lots of good things on Wow Writing Workshop’s blog.  We’re off to a good start. Since our fall 2009 class lineup in Grosse Pointe and Berkley, we’ve been keeping busy doing private coaching and editing, while also researching, planning and tweaking our  “Wow them with your college essay” curriculum.

What’s next? We’ve got some pretty cool stuff going on this spring.  We’re offering several intro workshops throughout this spring and summer for high school juniors who want to get a head start on the college application process. For those of you who want more information about the essay process or are wondering how important the college essay really is, we will be hosting a number of information nights with planning tips and tools for parents and students before the spring classes begin. Click on the schedule tab for specific times and dates.

Thanks for clicking on our new site. We hope you like it. We’ll be blogging when we have something to share, and when we want your feedback (which is all the time!) So what do you want to read on our website? Please let us know your thoughts at info@wowwritingworkshop.com/wordpress.