Hey Seniors, There’s Still Space at 279 Colleges!

The national response deadline, May 1, has come and gone.  Doesn’t that mean admissions, across the board, are closed?  There’s no more room?  Not really.  According to a report by the National Association of College Admissions Counselors,  279 four-year institutions still have space for incoming freshman and transfer students.

The Group’s  space availability survey lists colleges from public and private schools, from 44 states and 5 countries that still had space (as of May 3).  And we’re not talking about just any schools.

Think private: Mills College, St. John’s and Michigan’s Kettering are among the schools with space available.  Public schools include Universities of Vermont and Maryland, Michigan Tech and Ferris State.  They all offer financial aid, too.

So if you didn’t get into one of your top choice schools, you still have options.  What are the next steps?  Check out the survey list, which includes contact information.  Then contact the schools directly.  The survey does not indicate how much space is available, so time is of the essence.

Remember, schools need students as much as you need a school. Maybe your dream school is calling.

If you decide to apply to an additional school or schools, consider your admission essay.  Could it use a little polish?  Maybe you need to tweak the piece?  Wow Writing Workshop is here to help.  248-895-4935.