Would You Like to Work for Wow?

On occasion, Wow Writing Workshop hires new part-time writing coaches to add to our college essay team. We are not hiring at present, but we will gladly accept information from potential applicants for the future.

We have learned over the years that the ideal candidate must be a “real” writer. Publication is not a requirement, but you need to know from experience that writing is a process, and that writers don’t necessarily start with that killer first line. You need to believe in drafts, and to be open and curious about the wonderful and surprising things young people have to say. Editors are ok if they know up front that this is not an editing job. If you are an English teacher, you may have a hard time working for us, particularly if you are most comfortable with correct answers and rubrics. We are writing coaches and guides. Our students make the important decisions; we just ask the right questions.

The job is a good fit for someone with a flexible schedule, who can be available when students need us. That means after school, during the day in the summer, and at least one evening and part of one weekend day each week. We pay by the essay; not by the hour, and are busiest between August and November. Students trickle in starting in June, and we continue to work with many of them through the end of December.



Q: What does the job entail?

A: Students follow our online, 10-step process for writing application essays. Coaches meet with them by video conference to brainstorm ideas for about an hour early in the process, then communicate primarily by email or text, with occasional phone calls as needed. Our approach is both high touch and hands-off. Coaches manage schedules, review student work and suggest writing exercises to help students with their essays. We provide our coaches with resources to guide students, but they should already know how to teach writing, and should be prepared to suggest or modify writing exercises according to student needs.

Q: How many hours does the job require?

A: Hours vary with the season, but it is safe to estimate at least 10 hours per week. We can discuss your availability and our needs to see if they match.

Q: Do I have to live in Detroit to work for you? 

A: No. We are set up to work with coaches anywhere. If you are comfortable working remotely so are we.

Q: I have a traditional full-time job. Is this something I can do after work and on weekends?

A: Unfortunately, no. While you might have the right skills, our students need us to be available when they are, including after school or during school breaks. We also check in with our coaches during regular work hours to discuss student needs, plan strategy and provide ongoing training. (And sometimes just to say hello!)

Q: I am a teacher. This sounds like a perfect summer opportunity. Is that correct?

A: We are busiest from August through November, which generally does not work well for full-time teachers.

Q: I have a lot of editing experience. Will that make me a good fit?

A: We do not edit student essays. We ask questions, make suggestions and coach them so they can make their own editorial decisions. If you feel comfortable doing that, you might be able to work with us. 

Q: I have a lot of experience helping students apply to college. Will that make me a good fit?

A: Maybe. If your approach to essay coaching matches ours, we could be perfect for each other. If not, it might be difficult for you to let go of what you have learned in the past. That’s not to say you couldn’t learn our method, but you should know that we approach this task in a unique way, and we expect our coaches to work with students according to our philosophy.

Q: I teach creative writing, but I do not have much experience with application essays. Could this be a good fit for me?

A: Yes. The Wow Method follows the same principles we use when teaching creative writing to students of all ages.

Q: What type of training do you provide?

A: New coaches write an essay using the Wow Method, guided by our CEO. They are then shadowed by a senior staff member until they are ready to work on their own. We provide templated emails, guidelines and writing exercises to address common student issues.

Q: What is the pay scale? 

A: We pay by the essay, not by the hour. With that in mind, our coaches generally earn between $30 and $50 per hour, depending on the essay, how long they’ve been working with the student, the number of essays they are working on together and other factors. No one will get rich working for us, but the work is very satisfying!

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