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The Basics

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Getting the Most from Your Training

Prepare for Your Brainstorm Appointment

  • Complete the Introduction through Step 2. Watch all the videos, read the Read Its and complete the Try Its. Look under Wow Online – College Essay on the right side of this page or in the drop-down menu for everything you need.
  • Keep in mind that while the instructions are intended for a college applicant, for the purposes of this training, frame the assignment this way: You are YOU TODAY (an adult, not a high school student) applying for an important position (job? volunteer activity?), and the decision makers want to know something about who you are and what makes you “you.” Beyond your previous positions, degrees, references and other qualifications, what do you want them to know about you? What can you share that will help them better understand who you are? Do not use high school examples. Use recent adult examples.
  • Send your coach the completed Try It activities for the Introduction (morning writing) and Steps 1 and 2 by the due date.
  • When you meet to brainstorm essay topics, your coach will tell you more about the rest of the process.
  • Be sure to have your writing exercises (the Try Its for the Intro through Step 2) available during the meeting too.

Get a Taste of the College Essay Community

Check out the College Essay Community. Even if you don’t have time to participate fully, you can still get a taste of this fun and engaging program. You’ll receive an invitation to sign up after you finish the College Essay Experience.