Kids As Published Authors and Illustrators

Few things excite us  more than giving students tools to be creative and find their voices. So it is only natural that we were inspired to make a donation after reading about a small fund-raising project aimed at encouraging elementary students to become authors and illustrators.

Pattengill Elementary School in Berkley, Mich., needs about $900 to build a media writing center, where students can write and illustrate books that other students can check out of the library.

The project evolved from discussions about ways to improve student writing scores. The teachers at Pattengill believe the writing center will  boost their students’ self-esteem and confidence. We agree.

Kudos from Wow Writing Workshop on this marvelous idea! Click here for more information about the project, or to make a donation.

Do you know of great writing or writing opportunities in the schools? Tell us about them. We want to know!