More Great Resources for the College Search and Beyond

Last week we wrote about some great resources to assist you with your college search.  Here are a few more.

A word of caution before you sign up for something free online: When you provide information about yourself on a college search website, you can be sure that it will be used in some way, either as a marketing tool or to keep you informed.  At the very least, expect some additional emails and newsletters.

To keep the junk mail to a minimum, you might consider setting up an additional email account exclusively for your college search.
The College Board site offers much more than information about the SAT.  It is a huge website full of good information and covers all aspects of the college search. Learn what it takes to get into your dream school, and get useful information on test prep and college financing.  The site provides valuable tips on how to apply and to college, how many schools you should consider and how to introduce yourself to colleges. What’s more, you can find scholarship information using Student Search Services, learn how to get organized, and find advice on every element of the application.
With Cappex, you can explore and compare more than 3,000 colleges and do an online survey to assess your chances of being admitted to a particular school. We do not know how accurate the college match results will be, but it costs nothing to check it out, and it could provide some school choices you have yet to consider.  You can also do a scholarship search, including merit aid. Additional features include admissions advice and a daily blog.

One of Wow’s favorite blogs, The Choice,  edited and often written by author and New York Times reporter Jacques Steinberg, reports several times a week on all aspects of the college admissions game.
Wow gives this blog two thumbs up.  Education Week’s mission: Raising the level of understanding and discourse on critical issues in American education.  College Bound, one of Ed Week’s blogs, explores the gamut of college-related topics, from college readiness to college completion, all in an intelligent and unbiased form.;drawer
Lynn O’Shaugnessy writes the blog “The College Solution” for CBS.  You’ll enjoy her spirited posts on topics such as standardized tests, college applications and choosing a great school.

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