Mundane Moments Make Great College Essays!

By Kim Lifton
Wow Writing Workshop

Frequently, we learn our enduring life lessons during ordinary moments – the moments when our best and most authentic selves emerge. That’s why some of the best college essays we read focus on the most mundane moments.

  • Two brothers on a bike ride through their neighborhood
  • A talented dancer choosing to drop all but a few of her dance classes
  • A boy and his sister stuck in traffic
  • A high school junior trying out for the pom-pom team at her new school
  • An aspiring baseball player watching his cousin take endless batting practice
Everyone has a story to tell

If more students (and parents!) would take some time to reflect and let those stories develop, the college essay wouldn’t seem like such a stumbling block. It does not need to be so daunting! Instead, look at it as the opportunity it is meant to be – a chance to tell people who may never meet you something compelling about you.


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