Need Help on the ACT or MME?

High school counselors, how many of your students are taking the March MME or the April ACT to get ready for college? Are they stressed about the test?

Good news! They can prepare for the writing test, and Wow has been helping many schools around town, offering workshops that focus exclusively on the writing portion of the ACT.  Wow writing coaches still have a few slots open this season; we  would be happy to customize our program to fit into your school’s budget and schedule.

Here’s how it works: A Wow instructor will come to your school and take students through a process that teaches them  what the exam is about, and how to parse the prompt, identify the thesis, write clearly and  time the test (leaving ample time for proofreading). We can even score the essays so the students can continue to practice and increase their odds for improving their writing test scores.

To reserve your date for the MME or ACT writing workshop, contact