Note to Rising Seniors: It's Time to start your applications!

Note to Rising Seniors:

Today is Aug. 1, the unofficial beginning of college application season. Have you started your college essays? While most applications are not due till the end of the year,  now is the time to get motivated to write! It is especially important to start now if you have your mind set on early admission to the school of your dreams, or you are eying a school with rolling admissions.

At Wow Writing Workshop, we’ve been busy all summer helping students get a jump on the admission process. And we have plenty of classes scheduled for the end of summer and early fall. Check out our calendar or set up a small group session if you don’t see what you are looking for.

To get you in the mood, here are some basic college essay writing tips compiled by the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, admissions folks:

  • Read and answer the question asked. You’d be amazed how many essays we receive that don’t relate at all to the question we were asking!
  • There is no “right” answer. Don’t think you know what we want to hear. Whatever you have to say about the topic is of interest to us.
  • Be authentic. We want to hear your voice in your response – the experiences, opinions and values that have shaped you. Feel free to write on something you are passionate about so we can get to know you better.
  • Be proactive! Each year, we talk to students who have everything ready but their essays – if they could just get them finished, their application would be complete. Get started on your essays soon, and don’t spend months agonizing over whether they’re perfect. We don’t read through them with a red pen in hand!
  • Avoid re-writing your accomplishments in paragraph form. You’ve already given us that information in your application.
  • Re-use essays (or portions of essays) when possible, especially when applying to a lot of schools. However, make sure to re-read before hitting the submit button or mailing them in! The worst possible way to finish your essay to U-M is to say, “And I just can’t wait to be a Spartan!” This happens. Seriously.
  • A research paper is different from an admissions essay. If you are re-using something you’ve previously written, make sure it directly answers our question – and not one that a teacher posed to you for an assignment.

Read the entire article from UM here: TIPS