Raise Your ACT/SAT Scores!

By Kim Lifton
Wow Writing Workshop

ACTStudents, it’s test season; are you ready for the ACT and SAT writing tests?

Each year, we get calls from students who want to improve their scores; many complain they got 8’s on the writing test. That means two graders most likely gave a score of 4 out of 6, or a low B.

While this is a commendable score – an above average grade for writing under pressure – many of you are wondering how you can improve. And if you have not yet taken the test, you may wonder how you can get a high score the first time around.

First, look at the ACT Scoring Guidelines and the SAT Scoring Guidelines, and pay attention to your strengths and weaknesses. Then practice. Read the news. Talk to people. You’re a teen, so be a teen and argue with someone. Just make sure you argue something real, and be convincing.

These are thinking tests, and you will be asked to share your opinion on some current issue. You can draw examples from anything you’ve seen, read or thought.

The best essays take a position on an issue and offer critical context for discussion. Strong student writers fully respond to counterarguments, and they use proper grammar, vary their sentences and spell words correctly.

But don’t stress out. You might bring up your score a point or two if you practice timed writing with ACT and SAT essay prompts, and pay attention to detail.

At Wow, we help students like you avoid common mistakes with our writing test prep and tips; we see many common mistakes when we grade practice tests. We can help you raise your ACT or SAT score by avoiding these mistakes!


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