Show Gratitude: Write College Essays Over Thanksgiving Break

by Kim Lifton

What are you going to do with four (some get five) days off of school to celebrate Thanksgiving? Will you watch football, make turkey, shop on Black Friday or spend some time finishing your college applications?

If you want to show your parents how grateful you are for all of the things they have done for you,  sit down at your computer, and finish your college application essays.  You can get a lot done in four days.

If you are stuck, you can use Wow Online – College Essay, our  self-guided online tutorial for college application essay writing that takes you step-by-step through the college essay writing process. It’s on special for $99 through the end of the year.

If you’ve already written a draft or two, send it to Wow for a comprehensive review. Wow’s trained writing coaches can guide you through your drafts so you can stand out at your favorite college. No matter what your need, we’re here for you.

Time is running out if you want to get your applications in before the end of the year. Don’t wait till the last minute! To avoid rush fees, upload your essays for review before Dec. 15. The cost is $79 per review, for a maximum of $200 for multiple reviews of the same essay.

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