Write Your Way into College with ACT, SAT and Application Essays

By Kim Lifton

As high school seniors put finishing touches on college applications, the rest of you –  freshmen, sophomores and juniors – might be thinking about your own journey beyond high school. Keep calm.

Colleges need students just as much as students need them; there is a college for everyone.

Focus on What You Can Control 

Some things on your journey to college are out of your control, while others are not. You can study to get good grades, and with practice, your writing can improve. The more you practice for the ACT and SAT writing tests, the better prepared you’ll be to answer the test prompt within the time given, and the better your chances will be of getting a good score.

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You will complete test-taking activities, get sample prompts and receive an easy-to-follow rubric for scoring the essay. In this class, you’ll get everything you need to improve your score and confidence! Classes cost $24.99 each.

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Don’t Forget to Have Fun as You Prepare for College

Be careful while you begin preparing for your college journey. Don’t overdo it just to build an impressive resume, and don’t start making plans to get into a college just because everyone else thinks it is perfect. You need to find a school that is a good match for you.

With plenty of good schools in need of students just like you who will fit in on campus, you don’t need to worry so much. Colleges do want you to get good grades and take challenging classes – and they certainly like good test scores . But they also want well-rounded students. So try to have some fun during high school.

When it comes time to apply to college, you will be asked to submit more than grades, test scores and a list of activities. Most colleges will give you an opportunity to show them who you are in an application essay.

There’s a lot of reputable information out there, and a lot that isn’t so great. Know your sources!  Wow gets information direct from the admissions office. Check out our interview with Cornell’s interim director of admissions for a sample of what colleges want in an application essay.

Wow can teach you how to stand out where it counts most – inside the college admissions office!

Kim Lifton is president of Wow Writing Workshop, which teaches high school students how to succeed on the ACT and SAT writing tests, as well as college application and scholarship essays. Read Kim’s blogs and get writing tips by signing up for Wow’s newsletter; Wow is on Facebook and Twitter. Check Wow’s calendar for webinars, writing test and online college essay course information.