Story Featuring Wow Goes National

U of M's Ted Spencer, Executive Director, Undergraduate Admissions

A recent Detroit Free Press article highlighting the rising importance of the college admission essay, and featuring Wow’s Kim Lifton and former students Danny Cohen and Adam Rosen, has struck a chord among the college-bound crowd across the country.

The story, “Applying oneself to writing a memorable, original college admission essay,”  by Georgea Kovanis, was tweeted, reprinted on dozens of sites, and picked up by several news sources in cities from coast to coast, including Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC,  Long Island, Sacramento, and Chicago.

The piece was posted on social media sites by the veteran New York college consulting service Ivy Coach, and on The University of Michigan’s Facebook page (UM’s  Associate Provost and Executive Director of Admissions Ted Spencer was quoted in the article). What’s more, it was tweeted and retweeted by multiple educational sites (Scorebusters in New York and the Student Connection in Birmingham, MI) and aggregate sites (Spokeo, StumbleUpon).

The Free Press published Cohen’s essay about a night in Madrid; Cohen will start his freshmen year at UM this fall. Kovanis also quoted Rosen, who just finished his freshmen year at UM and validated why the essay is so important in the admissions process. He wrote a memorable essay that was genuine and shared something unique about him.

“When I went to orientation, one of the admissions counselors actually remembered my essay,” Rosen told the Free Press. He wrote about his father’s cancer and how it wasn’t until he told a friend about it that he realized he wasn’t the only kid with an ill parent. His friend’s mother had had cancer, too.

At Wow, we teach students like Rosen and Cohen how to write stories that stand out; our next college essay workshop is scheduled for Thursday, July 12, from 10 a.m. till noon at Andover High School. We also will be offering special sessions for students at the International Academy in July and August. Check our schedule for registration information, or contact us to set up a private workshop for you and a group of friends.