The University of Michigan Said Yes!

It’s time to think about scholarships.

The University of Michigan Club of Greater Detroit is offering multiple scholarships for Fall 2011. Applications are due January 14. Think of the 250-word essay just as you would an application essay. The essay may be relatively short, but Wow’s 10-step method still applies!

Step 1: Find Your Voice (The essay should sound like it was written by YOU, and only you.)

Step 2: Brainstorm Ideas (Consider various topics before you start writing.)

Step 3: Focus on Theme (What happened? Why does it matter?)

Step 4: Free Write for Details (Let your mind wander. Collect details.)

Step 5: Write Draft 1 (It’s finally time to put your ideas into essay form.)

Step 6: Review Your Prompt and Theme (Are you still on track?)

Step 7: Revise (Look at your essay with fresh eyes. This is not an edit; it’s a revision.)

Step 8: Take It from the Top (Be sure your essay has a great opening and conclusion.)

Step 9: Add the Wow Factor (Crank it up a notch. Make your essay shine.)

Step 10: Edit and Proofread (No typos! Perfect spelling! Get it right.)

Wow Writing Workshop offers scholarship and honors essay classes, starting in January. Check our schedule, or contact us to find out more.