Tips for High School Resume Writers

By Susan Knoppow
CEO, Wow Writing Workshop

Are you preparing a resume for class, college admissions, a job? Creating a high school resume is a great way to keep track of your top accomplishments and experiences. Essentially, your resume is a quick advertisement of who you are. 

Here are Wow’s tips for writing a resume that will stand out.

List your experiences.  Start by making a chronological list of key jobs, volunteer experiences and other responsibilities. Include accomplishments, awards and extracurricular activities.

 Decide what you want readers to remember about you. Think about your best characteristics, not your accomplishments. What stories or examples can you share to demonstrate those characteristics?

Keep it simple. A clean, uncluttered format will help you stand out more than fancy design.

Say no to the thesaurus. When you want to be heard, it’s important to send clear, understandable and straightforward messages to your intended audience. A resume that sounds like a thesaurus won’t impress anyone.

Stick to one page. Even an adult with 15 years of experience should be able to limit their resume to one page. Don’t feel the need to fill empty space.

Know your audience. Are you applying for a job? A summer program? A volunteer opportunity? Who will be reading your resume? Write a short cover letter to complement your resume that speaks directly to the position, the audience and the qualifications they are looking for.

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