U-M Wait List Growing; Back-up Plans Encouraged

Are you a senior with good grades and strong test scores who was deferred by the University of Michigan? Sit tight. You are not alone.

Following an estimated 18 percent  spike in applications to the University of Michigan this year, admissions personnel are being extra cautious granting early admissions. The increase is due to the university’s participation in the Common Application, which makes it easier for students to apply to multiple universities.

If you are a junior concerned about this trend, what can you do?

Study hard, prepare for your ACT or SAT (Wow is offering classes on the writing prompts this year), write essays that stand out on your applications, and have a back-up plan.

Today’s Detroit Free Press encourages high school students who dream of living in Ann Arbor and chanting ‘Go Blue’ to have a back- up plan and be patient.

We couldn’t agree more.

You will find your place at a college that is good for you. It just might not be the one you have your heart set on. And you might even be surprised. That “second choice” school could be more perfect than you expected.