College Essay Crash Courses

Welcome to Wow Writing Workshop’s College Essay Crash Courses! These simple videos will give you all the insight and tools you need to write compelling admission and scholarship essays.

Common App Personal Statement

The video is divided into chapters so you can start and stop as needed. Click on the bottom right corner of the video to bring up the Chapter menu.

  1. Your Writing Voice (4:35)
  2. Understand the Prompt (9:19)
  3. Brainstorm Ideas (28:31)
  4. Choose a Topic (35:24)
  5. Focus on Theme (36:14)
  6. Free Write for Details (38:02)
  7. Write Your First Draft (40:44)
  8. Reviewing Your Essay (44:41)
  9. Polish (47:15)

When you’re done watching and writing, use our worksheets to guide you through the review and revision process.  Get the worksheets.

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Modifying Essays for Other Schools