Want Money for College? Write a Compelling Scholarship Essay

Last week, Wow’s Kim Lifton interviewed homeless women at the Coalition on Temporary Shelter (COTS) using the same principles our college-bound students use to write their college and scholarship essays. COTS will use the stories to make this year’s annual report more appealing to supporters and prospective donors.

What does this have to do with you and other college-bound high school students?

Whether you are writing an essay for a $250 college scholarship from the local rotary club or to secure a full ride to the university of your dreams, you need to sell yourself to scholarship decision makers in the same way COTS needs to sell itself to donors. Beyond good grades and test scores, how do you do that?

Think about this: A compelling story about a homeless person who turned his or her life around with the help of COTS might hook a new donor. Similarly, a compelling story about you might hook a scholarship committee so you get some cash for college.

If you’re feeling stuck, contact Wow Writing Workshop. Wow’s  writing coaches are ready to help you compose a great story about you so you can wow your audience and secure some financial help for college.