Want to Go to Graduate School? You'll Need an Essay or Three!

High school students are not the only ones who need to write application essays; we also work with  young men and women applying to medical, law, allied health, education, business and other graduate programs. The personal statement, as it is known at the graduate level, creates an awful lot of angst!

As graduate schools become flooded with applicants, prospective students with strong undergraduate GPAs and solid test scores are getting wait-listed and outright rejected. They are baffled.

With that in mind, we tell prospective graduate students the same thing we tell undergraduate applicants: you can stand out in an essay. While there are no guarantees, you should do everything in your power to get your application to the top of the pile. A fantastic personal statement can help.

The writing process is the same no matter the program or the application prompt. We guide our graduate applicants through a modified version of the same ten-step Wow Method. And it works.

The difference is that for graduate programs, you need more than a story about yourself.  The admissions team wants to know what makes you qualified and why you want to go into this particular field. You need to demonstrate in your personal statement that you know the answers and can support them with examples.

Why did Michael want to apply to law school? He had an undergraduate business degree and had done a summer internship working at a local court; while there he established a new way to collect unpaid court fees.

He was going to spend the time between undergrad and law school with City Year, a full-time service program that would give him skills and opportunities to make a difference in the world. A law degree, business degree and hands-on community service work would position him to become an advocate, a non-profit leader or a businessperson.

In applying to law school, Michael followed the Wow Method and developed a phenomenal essay – an essay that told his unique story in his own words and in his own voice.

Are you applying to graduate school?  Learn how to make your personal statement shine in one of our classroom Wow them With Your College Essay workshops this summer, or sign up for a custom private workshop. The process is the same. Our goal? To help you shine.