We teach the process

Last week we received an email from a former student who needs to write an additional scholarship application essay:

“I enjoyed it when you helped me with my essay,” she wrote. “I noticed that my essay was not typical, and you made me think of things that are a little different.”

Our process helps pull the stories out of our students’ minds. While each of our teachers brings a different style to the table, we all use the same process, one that has been tested repeatedly and works every time. It helps our young writers put down on paper a unique story in his or her own words, in a unique voice.

It is busy season at Wow. High school students are returning home from summers at camp and abroad. Those who have been home working as lifeguards, day camp counselors and interns are getting ready for senior year and starting their application process. Many of the applications are out, which means the essay questions are here.

So let Wow help you get started on the writing process. Check out our calendar, or call for information on small group classes or private sessions. You won’t be sorry; our students leave with beautiful stories and a great sense of pride.

Last week, a student who just finished his law school application personal statement said this:

“I didn’t know I could write. My friends just help each other, and they end up e-mailing it back and forth to three or four friends for review.  They just keep rewriting without any real input. You taught me a process so I can do this again by myself. You helped me come up with my own ideas. It is pretty cool.”

Ready to write? Give us a call at 248-895.4935.