Will Your College Essay Stand Out? Hit the Mark with a Professional Review!

By Kim Lifton
President, Wow Writing Workshop

Essay ReviewWow’s writing coaches have been super busy the past few weeks reviewing essays submitted by students who are looking for a final stamp of approval.

Our advice, based on what we’ve seen? Be careful before you send your essay to the school of your dreams!

We see too many essays written by students who suggest they’ve changed and learned something meaningful, yet fail to show readers how that has happened or why it matters. We’ve also read many well-written essays that would make great English papers; they are descriptive and full of beautifully sketched scenes. But they lack real reflection, and they don’t stand out.

The good news: We give our students thorough reviews with specific instructions to make their stories shine. Our suggestions are not difficult, but they can make a big difference inside the admissions office – where it counts most. Our students have been making the changes we recommend, and their essays are gorgeous.

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