Wow Co-founder Asks Governor to Spare Schools in Budget Ax

School busing, choir and band programs, athletics and other extracurricular programs could be eliminated if Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposed $470 per-pupil cut sticks.

After reading an email from the Berkley Schools superintendent encouraging parents to write letters to the governor, I sat down to brainstorm ideas. I wanted to get his attention. So I turned to the Wow Method to craft my letter to Gov. Snyder.

Will the governor read it? I have no idea.  But it got picked up by a national media outlet, and it may land on his desk somehow.  If the governor does read my letter, I am pretty sure it will be unlike any other letter he receives. Why? It is my story written in my words, my voice; no one else can tell my story the way I did.  No one can write your story in your voice either.

Whatever your position on public education, check out my letter to see what I mean. Tell your own story in your own words, using your own personal examples. That’s the best way to get anyone’s attention.