Wow Experts Answer Your College Application Essay Questions

By Kim Lifton
President, Wow Writing Workshop

Do admissions officers really read college application essays? That’s a question we hear all the time at Wow Writing Workshop, and it’s one of the easiest questions to answer: Yes.

We talk to admissions officers all the time. Public. Private. Small. Liberal arts. Ivy League. They would not ask you to write an essay if they were not going to read it. Amy Hoffman, assistant director of admissions for Miami University of Ohio, summed it up nicely: “Last year we received 25,000 applications, and we read 25,000 essays.”

Last week, Wow took questions during our webinar, Get Ready! Get Set! Get in! Everything You Wanted to Know About the College Essay. Did you miss the session? Not to worry. You can watch it at your convenience on our website. If you’re not already a free member of, you can join here.

stand-out-of-crowdJust to be clear, anyone can stand out with a great story! Admissions officers want you to write about something you want to share. Make it reflective and genuine, and you’ll be better off than most students. You don’t have to rescue a child from a house fire, get a million downloads for an app you developed, or teach an autistic boy how to swim to impress admissions officers.

We have so many examples of great stories that stood out. Here are a few:

  •  One boy wrote a fabulous college entrance essay about feeling accomplished after memorizing the general intestinal track to ace his anatomy final.
  • Another student wrote a gorgeous story about finding her passion for nature while pulling weeds in a community garden.
  • And one student focused on the moment he forgot his cello for an orchestra concert and improvised his performance with a bass guitar. His problem-solving skills impressed admissions officers, and one college sent him an offer of admission that praised his essay.

Think you have nothing to say? That’s simply not true.

At Wow, we can help you find your story, write it in your own words, and teach you how to polish it.

“I think sometimes students feel that because they haven’t found the cure for cancer they have nothing to share,” said Jan Deike, assistant director for undergraduate admissions for Vanderbilt University. “Life is truly lived in the smaller moments, and that can be a powerful essay.”

Find out more about impressive topics, standing out, getting too much help, topic versus subject and how to know when you’re done, by watching the webinar.

Our coaches are standing by. If you’ve already finished a draft of your college essay, you can send it to us for a professional essay review. Whether you are just starting out or you need one last review, a Wow writing coach will read your draft and provide a detailed report with suggestions for improvement within two business days.

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