Who Are We? Wow Writing Coaches

People ask us all the time, Are you tutors? College consultants?

Good questions, but the answer is no; we are writing coaches.

At Wow Writing Workshop, we call ourselves writing coaches because we are professional writers and teachers with a passion for students and the written word.

So in addition to our college essay and ACT/SAT writing classes, we work one-on-one and in small groups with all sorts of students – from struggling writers to straight-A students.

We meet in libraries, living rooms, our offices and online. Using the  ShowDocument platform, we engage in live video conferences with students around the country.  We can see each other, mark up documents together, generate lists and notes and share ideas.

We use ShowDocument with one of our favorite new students, an aspiring poet in Pennsylvania. We work together on writing exercises and discuss college programs with great creative writing programs.

Another student, a senior at a top-notch private school in metro Detroit, is headed to the University of Michigan this fall and wants to enter college with stronger writing skills. She earns A’s in her high school courses but recognizes that her grades do not reflect her potential. After a few short lessons, her writing is noticeably clearer and more detailed.

We get calls from parents of students entering middle school and high school who are concerned that their children are not prepared for the next step. We tell them that we believe in teachers; we know they do a good job. We also know that some kids benefit from a bit of personalized attention. For these students, we look carefully at what they are learning in school and tailor a program to meet their needs.

For our youngest students, we create complementary plans to help parents guide their children through their school work and coaching assignments.

Pricing is flexible, and we are always open to new ideas. Take a look at our offerings and price list for more details, then call us to discuss your needs.

For us, it’s all about writing. How can we help you?