Writing is a Process of Discovery

Through the Wow Method, our 10-step process for writing a great college admissions essay or personal statement, our students are learning about writing – and about themselves.

This past week, we met with Rachel, who is applying to a graduate teaching program. After our initial session, she said she finally felt confident in her ability to tell her story in her own words using her own voice.

She had already written a good story about a meaningful experience, but she hadn’t explained how that experience affected her.   She needed to write about how the experience inspired her to get the job she holds as a classroom aide for special needs students.

“I love my idea,” Rachel said. “But my essay was about everybody else but me and how I was motivated.”

For the first time, Rachel is excited about putting her words on paper. She got home and couldn’t wait to keep writing.

Sarah, a Wow  student from Pennsylvania, just sent us an email about how she now sees revision, a key component of the writing process:

“I am not just becoming a better writer, but learning to transform something I have written into something totally new,” Sarah said. “It is no longer taking a part something that I made, but creating something bigger and better than I had before.”

Have you started the college essay process?  The clock is ticking; time to start.  Take your time and trust the process. You need time to brainstorm, write, revise and rewrite.

Just as we all need math skills for everyday living, we all need writing skills too.  This task, the college essay, offers a prime example of why writing matters. The essay is a crucial part of the admissions process. It’s an opportunity; seize it.

The college essay allows you to tell someone you may never meet something important about yourself. Whether or not you consider yourself a confident writer, you can follow this process. You can accomplish this task and stand out from the crowd.

Ready to write?

Our first classroom session for the season is set for 10 a.m.  to 12 p.m. on Tuesday, June 21 at Seaholm High School in Birmingham. There are a still a few spots, so sign up soon!