Writing We Love: Daniel Wasserman, The Michigan Daily

Wow Writing Workshop is on a mission: We want to share examples of excellent student writing. Whether it’s a high school essay or a college news story, there is sharp, focused, engaging writing all around us.

Our first example comes from Daniel Wasserman, a sportswriter for the Michigan Daily at the University of Michigan. His article, Buckeye brothers no longer: The unusual path three brothers took to Michigan, tells the story of three boys from a small town in Ohio who have become successful wrestlers at U of M.

Why do we like Daniel’s article so much?

The opening line draws the reader in immediately:

“Wrestling. To many, it’s a sign of brotherly love. A way to hash out sibling rivalries and declare oneself to be atop the household hierarchy; the best, the toughest, the macho-est of all.”

And then there are the great details sprinkled throughout:

“Craig and Susan are graduates of Ohio State, where Craig wrestled in the mid-1980s — even Justin and Brandon grew up diehard Buckeye fans. These days, they laugh at stories of getting heckled by classmates for wearing their Buckeye attire to school.”

“Craig estimates that Hesperia draws approximately 700 to 800 fans at the wrestling meets. To put that into perspective, the town’s population is under 1,000.”

“The brothers have always been very competitive, whether it came to wrestling, academics, Wii video games or ping-pong.”

It’s a  touching story told in the writer’s distinctive voice — the voice of a college student sharing a story he cares about.

Do you have an example of great student writing? Share it with us!