Yale Insider Says Essay is the Most Important Piece of College App

Ed Boland, a former Yale admissions officer, says the essay is the most important part of your child’s college application.

“It’s where the student gets to shine, where you hear their voice most directly,” he says. “It’s a really excellent tool to see what students’ motivations are and what their personality is like.”

Boland says students should get creative, and shared one particular essay from a “serial farter” that stood out in his years of experience. “At first, I thought it was an outrageous essay,” he says. “But the more I read it, I realized it was actually a meditation on modern feminism and how no one would ever suspect her of being a serial farter. And at the end of it I just thought it was so original—it really gave her a leg up.”

Boland says your child should  focus on being themselves, which will help their creativity and personality shine through, regardless of the subject matter. Read the entire article on Yahoo Finance. 

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