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Free College Essay Book for Students & Pros

I’d like a free electronic copy of How to Write an Effective College Application Essay: The Inside Scoop for Students, Second Edition

From the Foreword, by Shawn Felton, Cornell University

Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Deputy Chief Admissions and Enrollment Officer

“In all my years working at private and public selective institutions, I haven’t seen anyone go as deep as Kim or Susan to gather and share accurate information from me about the college essay and its role in all admissions. They ask me good questions and listen to my answers. It’s always been clear to me that at their core, they do this work because they care about helping students like you, and in the most ethical way. They care about the written word, how it is taught, and how to reveal and protect the authentic student voice. Your voice. That’s what I care most about, too.”