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It can be hard to write about yourself, especially when the stakes seem so high.

Join me (Wow’s co-founder and chief researcher!) for a free 1-hour webinar and learn how to get started. I talk to admissions officers all the time. I’ll share my best tips and answer your questions.

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Wow Helped Marni Write with Confidence

“Thank you so much for all of the time, hard work and dedication you put into helping me write my essays. You showed me how to find my own writing voice. I learned so much from you through this process; you have truly inspired me to trust myself and continue writing with confidence.”

- Marni J.

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We are professional writers and teachers who know the college essay inside and out. We’ll guide you through personal statements, supplemental essays, activity lists, additional information sections, school-related scholarships and honors essays. If it involves writing, it’s included!

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Process, Plan and Schedule

Our PROCESS is our magic. The Wow Method is simple, with clear instructions to help you succeed. Your coach will help you build on your strengths and demonstrate your best qualities.

From brainstorming ideas through multiple drafts and final proofreading, we PLAN out every task so you can calmly write essays that will enhance your applications.

Most of our students apply to 4 or more schools, which means they have to write 10-15 essays. We use a proven SCHEDULE that can be modified to meet your unique needs.

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Why a Gifted Student Who Never Needs Help Hired Wow

Sophie is not the kind of student who needs help. She taught herself BC Calculus when it wasn’t offered at her high school. She tutored classmates in advanced chemistry and physics. When it was time to apply to college, Sophie did the research and picked her own schools. Along the way, she signed up for Wow’s free College Essay 101 class and read our book cover to cover.

Imagine her surprise when she sat down to write her essays and still felt stumped. Effective essays could only strengthen her application, and she felt like the ones she was writing didn’t represent her strengths.

Fortunately, Sophie was insightful enough to know she needed help.

That’s when she called and asked to work with a Wow coach. We got her back on track, guiding her through our process with a plan, simple instructions and a schedule to tackle all of the writing tasks for four highly selective schools.

Her mom was delighted, too: “You are truly a magician! Her essays are amazing.”

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