College Essay Jumpstart Could be for You

If you’ve written an essay with a Wow coach, you know we emphasize process in everything we do. Our writing schedules are legendary. Our ten steps get proven results. 

Does this sound like you?

  • The Common App personal statement takes too much of my time.
  • I’ve tried outsourcing essays, but I haven’t found the right solution.
  • I’m trying to grow my business. I could focus on operations and strategy if I had a proper essay partner.
  • I’ve written an essay with a Wow coach (or I’m ready to write one so I can learn the Wow Method.)

If you answered yes, College Essay Jumpstart could be the perfect solution.

How does it work?

A Wow coach will guide your students as they write the Common App personal statement. Over the course of 4 weeks, they will gain three things: 

  • A Common App essay that’s ready to submit. 
  • A deep understanding of how to approach ANY application essay. 
  • The confidence to continue working with you in an organized, responsible manner.

Students will learn to read and understand any prompt, follow a writing schedule, and take responsibility for their work.  After they write the Common App essay, we’ll hand them back to you, ready to dig into supplements, UC PIQs, and other crucial writing tasks.

What does Jumpstart cost?

  • $750 per student, with a minimum of 10 students.
  • $2500 reserves your spot.
  • Balance is due March 15.

Is Jumpstart right for me?

You belong in this program if:

  • You wish your students could write essays more quickly, with greater confidence and ease.
  • You embrace the three principles of ethical essay coaching:
    • Theme matters more than topic
    • Reviewing is easy if you know what to look for
    • Every exercise, meeting and email has a purpose
  • You trust us!

Why Is Writing My Own Essay Required?

Pros who have written an essay with a Wow coach know how we work. They’ve experienced our process from the inside out, and they understand our schedules and terminology. We respect all of our colleagues equally, but something special happens when you write an essay following our ten steps. For the sake of students and families, we only want to include counselors who can fully trust us to guide their students – those with a deep understanding of our methods and results. 

If you’re interested in Jumpstart but haven’t written an essay with us yet, let us know. We’ll sign you up for College Essay Experience training ASAP!

Space is limited

Jumpstart isn’t for everyone! If you think we’re a good fit, please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch. If you’re not sure, schedule an appointment and we can figure it out together.