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Kim Lifton, President, and Susan Knoppow, CEO

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Ashleigh Taylor

Empowered 4 College
Novi, Michigan

“Partners is a dream program. I am good at strategy and working with students, but the Wow program helps me manage my business better.”

Peter Lampert

Lampert Educational Resources
Denver, Colorado

“The essay is part of my overall financial aid strategy, which leads to merit aid. Merit aid drastically reduces the cost of college. I view essays as money for college.”

Abbie Rabin

Personalized College Consulting
Englewood, New Jersey

“I have always loved my work, but this is the happiest I’ve been; Wow’s support and approach are responsible.”

Mira Simon

Coach Mira
San Diego, California

“I love that feeling that I have contributed ideas to Wow that are being heard, and that I get to help benefit other professionals.”

Kate Sonnenberg

KS College Success
Montclair, New Jersey

“Partners is more than the process; it’s a think tank of people to bounce ideas off of and listen.”

Felicia Strankman

Santa Rosa, California

“This community is filled with pros who are at the top of their game and like to share what’s working, and that feels refreshing and inspiring.”

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We Helped Ashleigh Taylor Simplify Her Essay Coaching Process

Ashleigh Taylor had big plans for her business when she traded her job as an admissions counselor for life as an independent educational consultant. As her practice took off, she needed more structure for essay coaching.

Ashleigh had been creating custom plans for each student, piecing together a writing and review process, while also trying to meet parent demands. The effort was exhausting and required much more time than she had imagined.

Curious, Ashleigh enrolled in our College Essay Experience program to see how she might improve her process. Once she completed CEE and heard about Partners, she signed up immediately.

Ashleigh made a business decision to join Partners so she could use our platform, simplify the process for her students, and free up time to focus on growing her business.

She trusts our approach as the foundation of her essay coaching program. As her caseload increases, she wants to hire more essay coaches. Top of her checklist: are they trained by Wow? Ashleigh does not participate in office hours; she just loves the system – the straightforward process, virtual platform, templates, schedules, and simple instructions. 

“Partners is a dream program,” Ashleigh said. “I am good at strategy and working with students, but the Wow program helps me manage my business better. Wow allows me to have a process in place that meets the student where they are, simplifying the work that I do.

Being able to work through a proven process has given me the confidence I need to value myself and my services even more.”

Partners Is an Investment for CPA and Tax Attorney Peter Lampert

Peter Lampert believes the application essay and money for college go hand-in-hand. Membership in the Partners program is an investment in his growing educational planning business.

A CPA and tax attorney with decades of experience in college, tax, and retirement income planning, Peter sees essay coaching as a service that helps his students distinguish themselves beyond admissions and into the financial aid office.

Wow’s consistent, replicable process aligns with Peter’s systematic approach and philosophy. Using Wow Online helps him supervise his writing coaches and assures parents that their children are in good hands.

He also appreciates the continuous support and professional development offered through Partners. Whenever he hires a new essay coach, he enrolls them in the Partners program, giving them the benefit of a community of professionals to support their efforts.

“The essay is part of my overall financial aid strategy,” Peter said. “The essay leads to merit aid. And merit aid drastically reduces the cost of college. I view essays as money for college.”

We Helped Abbie Rabin, an Experienced Counselor, Put Away Her Red Pen

Even though she had more than 20 years under her belt as a school counselor and independent educational consultant, Abbie Rabin’s essay process needed improvement. She loved her chosen profession, but she edited excessively and spent too much time on her students’ essays.

Abbie joined Partners because once she got a taste of the process while writing her own essay, she was ready for a change — and a simple, structured essay writing method for her students. Partners provides a solid framework for essay coaching; today her practice is much calmer for both Abbie and her students.

We taught Abbie how to use the Wow Method so she could put away her red pen when reviewing drafts. She has made significant adjustments to her practice, spending less time on student essays, deepening her brainstorming skills, and improving her essay review techniques.

In Partners, Abbie gets all the support she needs. She is a regular during private office hours for our Partners community. She shares what she knows and has learned during her years as a Partner, and mentors newer and less experience members.

“I have always loved my work, but his is the happiest I’ve been; Wow’s support and approach are responsible,” Abbie said. “I knew I wanted to let go of the control I exerted while trying to disguise my editing suggestions as casual thoughts the students could take or leave. I needed to go to that place where the student really does own the essay, and my suggestions don’t become directives.”

How Mira Simon Modified Wow's Process to Make it Her Own

Mira Simon likes to meet regularly with her students. She wasn’t sure the Wow process, which does not include many meetings, would work for her when she first reached out to us for help.

She did not need to worry. Because the Wow Method is so flexible, we were able help Mira modify it to make it her own, adding student meetings to the foundational process in a way that aligned with the Wow approach.

We helped Mira, one of our first Partners, use her time wisely and more intentionally during meetings. We taught her when to customize something, and when to make it more consistent. Even better, Mira taught us how to help other counselors customize the Wow process for themselves.

Over the years, Mira has asked for templates and other resources to guide her students, and we have created them. Some of her requests have become standard materials for other Partners as well. During office hours, Mira contributes to discussions and appreciates the opportunity to hear about her colleagues’ challenges, questions, and strategies.

When Partners tell us what they need, we problem-solve and deliver, whether they are searching for an email template to update parents on essay progress or want input on a complicated writing schedule for a busy student. If one Partner has a challenge, we know others do, too, and we share what we learn and create with everyone.

“I love that feeling that I have contributed ideas to Wow that are being heard, and that I get to help benefit other professionals. It’s the ripple effect,” Mira said. “Wow encourages it. It’s baked in, and it’s awesome.”

We Helped Kate Sonnenberg Modify Her Unrealistic Expectations

A former college essay reader for Princeton, Kate Sonnenberg believed the myth that ambitious students needed to write perfect essays when she helped her own daughter apply to college.

Kate was an attorney – organized and process-driven. Her daughter, a gifted writer, internalized her mother’s unrealistic expectations and found the essay writing process unexpectedly challenging and frustrating. They were both relieved when the essays were finished.

Determined to do better with her students, Kate turned to Wow for guidance. She joined Partners and has never looked back.

Wow and her colleagues in the Partners community taught Kate how to follow a process and let go of her preconceived beliefs. As a result, Kate’s mindset has shifted completely. She now understands that knowing what types of essays she liked to read for Princeton was not going to help students compose effective essays.

Today Kate is grateful, trusts Wow completely, and feels at home inside our Partners community, where she engages with colleagues just like herself. Partners has helped her moderate her expectations, and as a result, her relationship with her students is better and her business is more manageable.

“I did not know I had unrealistic standards,” Kate said. “I did not know I was looking for perfection until someone in the Partners community heard me talk about a problem and said it’s time to stop. The process lends itself to solving problems. Partners is more than the process; it’s a think tank of people to bounce ideas off of and listen. Whatever problem comes up next, I know I will be able to address the challenge by using the process and reaching out to the think tank.”

Partners Helps Felicia Strankman Run Her New Business

Felicia Strankman was in the middle of her college counseling certification program through the UCLA Extension when she realized there was a gap in her knowledge about the college essay. Educational consulting was a second career for Felicia, a former litigation attorney, and she wanted to be prepared.

The certification program included limited essay training, due to the time constraints. Felicia had no experience as a counselor or essay coach, no bad habits to break, no process or plan. She wanted to launch her business the right way – with a tried-and-true system and expert support.

We taught Felicia how to be a great essay coach from the beginning. During her first year, we supported her as she worked with three students with a variety of needs and strengths. She now feels confident in her approach, with the certainty that support is just a phone call or email away.

During members-only office hours, Felicia listens and takes it all in. She sees Partners as a supportive community for both essay coaching and for running her new business. Felicia trusts Wow so much, she even hired us to work with her twins on their college essays.

“My first Partners meeting felt like a book club. This community is filled with pros who are at the top of their game and like to share what’s working, and that feels refreshing and inspiring,” Felicia said. “Any time I have a question or don’t know what to do, there is someone I trust in the Partners community who has done it before me, and they help. I am totally in.”