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Wow teaches students and educational professionals a simple, step-by-step process for writing effective college essays so students can stand out and tell their stories.

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Whether you are a student applying to college, a parent guiding your child through the application process, or a professional supporting college-bound students, Wow can help.







Why Wow?

Writing is a process; our process is our magic.

The Wow Method is built on proven tools and decision-making guidelines, with clear instructions to help our students and professional clients succeed.

How the Wow Method Helped Aaron Stay Focused and Engaged

“Your process was totally empowering to our son. The tasks were broken down into manageable bits, and he felt good about each stage of the process. There was never any grumbling about it. Aaron knew what he needed to do, and with your coaching, he stayed focused and engaged.”

- Patti L., parent

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