Don’t Write a Bland Medical School Personal Statement

By Kim Lifton
Wow WritingWorkshop

Your personal statement, whether for undergraduate admission, medical school or any professional school, is the first opportunity to share something meaningful with the people evaluating your application. Simply repeating experiences you’ve already listed on your resume or sticking to a generic outline won’t cut it.

Don’t start with a cookie-cutter formula. Start by answering this question: “What do I want to share with the medical school admissions committee that they will not know from the rest of my application?’”

Think critically about which stories you choose to include when writing your personal statement or any other essays. Personal statements should demonstrate why you would be a good doctor and how certain qualities m

Kim Lifton can get a story out of anyone writing an effective college application essay

ake you unique.

St. George’s University interviewed me for an article about personal statements for medical schooladmission; the advice I shared with St. George’s mirrors advice we share with any applicant to college, grad school or professional school. Here is the original story:

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