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To stand out in a college essay, your child needs to write something meaningful that highlights a positive trait and personalizes the application packet. But it can be hard for students to write about themselves, especially when the stakes for college admission seem so high.

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We’ve written the only guide you’ll need to understand the confusing college admissions industry and how you can help your child write an effective application essay. Instead of pushing parents away, we believe you can play an important role in this process. Find out how!

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Join Wow President Kim Lifton, a national expert on the college application essay, for a free 30-minute phone call, just for parents. She’ll answer your questions and share Wow’s best tips so you can help your child stay calm and stand out where it matters most — inside the admissions office.

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College Essay Crash Course

Wouldn’t it be great to get that Common App essay out of the way? We can help! Register your child for our one-hour video course, and you’ll be good to go. Just $39. They’ll be able to write that essay any time, anywhere.

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