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collegeWe work well with counselors and consultants because we all care about the same thing: helping students get into the schools of their dreams. We focus exclusively on the essay – you’re already an expert on the rest of the admission process. We’re writers, teachers and problem-solvers; we’ll work with you to find the right solutions for you and your students. Tell us what you need. We’ll figure out how to get there.

The Inside Scoop for Parents

Wow's guide embraces parents, rather than pushing them away. Do your students’ parents seem confused by the college essay? Do they suggest topics, over-edit or otherwise get in the way? We’ve written a guide that will help you demystify the college essay for parents and show them how they can help in small but meaningful ways. Read it today!

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At first, essays were the thing I worried about most. It wasn’t until the Wow training that it all clicked. I feel like a burden has been lifted.
Faith Stewart, Bellingham, Washington
Faith Stewart
Wow’s process simply works. No shortcuts, no bells and whistles, but rather a structured, creative process developed by working writers who believe every student has a story to tell. Just as important, they respect my relationship with my clients.
Amy McVeigh, Zionsville, Indiana
Amy McVeigh
Learning from Wow has transformed the way I work with students on college essays.
Jenny Umhofer, Pasadena, California
Jenny Umhofer
The Wow Method makes so much sense; it captures the most important parts of the essay in a digestible way. Students really get it.
Robyn Komar, Alexandria, Virginia
Robyn Komar
The most valuable part of the Partners training was writing the essay. Now I can tell parents and students: “I have been through this. I know how it feels.”
Robyn Spoon, Columbus, Indiana
Robyn Spoon

Tips to Share

We’ve created two tip sheets you can share with your students and parents: Essay Advice from the Admissions Office and How to Help Without Taking Over. Enter your email address and you’ll get them right now.

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Essay Review & Analysis
Expert feedback when you’re stuck
  • Do you need an outside opinion?
  • Send us a student essay that you just can’t figure out
  •  We’ll show you how to help your student now and avoid similar problems in the future
  • Get detailed comments and instructions for both you and your student
  •  Wrap it up with a phone call to help you understand what went wrong and how to get it right next time
College Essay Institute
Webinars to help you become a stronger essay coach
  • With CEI you will:
  • Gain confidence and refine your skills
  • Reduce editing time
  • Learn how to help students show their best qualities
  • Recognize when it’s time to let go of imperfect essays
  • Make real improvements right away

For more about CEI, check out our webinar library

Partners Program
Certification in the 10-step Wow Method
  • As a Wow Partner you will:
  • Learn to think like a writer by mastering new techniques and writing exercises
  • Help students stay on schedule
  • Teach students how to share their best qualities
  • Work with a coach who will support you all year
  • Get access to College Essay Institute

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